Nordic Walking UK

Nordic Walking UK

NWUK logoNordic Walking UK is the UK’s leading organisation for the promotion of safe, effective outdoor exercise. Based on this rapidly growing activity that literally turns every walk into a workout! We offer Instructor & Leader training and support individuals and organisations that want to help others to become more active.

Nordic Walking is not simply ‘walking with poles’ it is a technique derived from the action of cross country skiers which uses specially designed poles and an action that ensures the poles take the weight off your feet and actually propel you along. It actually replicates the action of a cross trainer machine in the gym and can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels in any location.

The benefits are huge:nwuk content

  • It tones both the upper and lower body with every step
  • It burns up to twice as many calories as ordinary walking
  • It uses over 90% of the major muscles in the body
  • It lessens the strain on knees and lower body joints
  • It relieves back, neck and shoulder problems
  • It helps you go further and faster than usual
  • It’s fun and sociable - you can chat as you go!

Even if you currently use walking poles, you will be amazed at how this technique and the unique poles (which contain straps that enable you to really engage the upper body) can transform your ability to stay on your feet for longer without fatigue.

There are over 2,500 Instructors across the UK who along with thousands of amazing qualified leaders offer a range of Nordic walks for all levels. Many local councils and charities operate local NWUK Nordic walking projects and participants can access the NWUK FREEDOM card which enables them to join in with walks and events across the UK

So, there’s no need to stop exercising when away camping – now you can take your crosstrainer with you and enjoy getting fit al fresco!

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