All about the National Youth Test

The National Youth Test is free to take and it’s there to make sure you can camp efficiently and safely.

CCY test1Before taking your Test, we’ll ensure you receive the relevant information to help you prepare and start working towards your National Youth Test. Have a look at the links and downloads page.

You’ll also have the chance to attend the many Camping Club Youth activities and Rallies that are arranged each weekend in the season by Youth Groups and some of the Club’s Special Interest Sections. Before taking your Test, you need to have camped for six nights under the supervision of a Youth Leader.

You can also use our Club campsites if you’re a Youth member and 14 and over. If you’re under 16, you can camp on Club Sites with your District Association or Section while in the charge of a Youth Leader, your parents or guardian, or another adult who has been authorised in writing by your parents or guardian to supervise you.

If you’ve passed your National Youth Test, you can find a Club Site or Certificated Site or download the Club’s Siteseeker App for a handy guide to all our campsites.

To book your campsite call our Membership Department on 024 7798 9434. You’ll need your CCY membership number to book. 

Amy Hodgkinson says

Amazing we all have a laugh and a fun time whilst we are camping without the youth most of us would be bored out of our heads on a weekend

Taking your Test!

The test is based on the information in Fundamentals of Good Camping which your Youth Leader will give to you once you start working towards your Test. You have to be between 12 and 17 years of age to take the test.

CCY testTo pass your Test you must complete the following elements:

  • Kit Packing
  • Stoves and Fires
  • Map Reading
  • First Aid
  • The Code for Campers
  • Cooking
  • Choice of pitch
  • Putting a tent up

What does it mean once you’ve passed the National Youth Test?

Once you’ve passed your Test, you’ll get extra benefits from your Camping Club Youth membership

  1. Free membership - you’ll remain a CCY member for free until you reach the age of 21. From the age of 21 to 30 you’ll also pay a reduced membership fee as a Senior Youth member.
  2. Your Big Sites Book - you can buy Your Big Sites Book for just £1! This is an essential for every camper- it’s your directory to a choice of over 2,500 campsites in Britain and Ireland.
  3. Access to Club campsites - you’ll be able to camp on any of our Club campsites unsupervised from the age of 14. You can also camp at childs rates until your 21st birthday.
  4. Attend International Rallies - attend the annual International Youth Rally arranged by the Federation International de Camping et de Caravanning (FICC). This takes place around the world and is a great opportunity to see different countries and meet other Youth members.
  5. Camping Card International - you can buy the “Campers Passport” which costs just £5.50. This gives you proof of identity on campsites and gives you Third Party Liability insurance cover for any accidental damage you may cause at the campsite.

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