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Get fired up for barbecue week

It's National Barbecue Week, the perfect time to pass on inspiration and a few top tips and techniques to liven up the grill experience beyond sausages and burgers. Smoke some fish, make your own marinated lamb kebabs or even make desserts in foil parcels. Your barbecue is hugely versatile, so fire it up and get cooking.

Also, if your marinade contains sugar – don’t put the meat over a high temperature otherwise the sugar will burn too quickly.

Most meats benefit from marinating. The easiest way to do it is in a large, re-useable freezer bag. Put the empty, open bag into a bowl so that you can fold back the opening of the bag around the rim of the bowl. This holds the bag steady and open for you while you put your marinade ingredients in, then your meat.

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Ali Ray

Ali Ray

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Ali Ray is as passionate about camping as she is about eating and cooking with locally produced food. You can read more from Ali in Camping & Caravanning and online.

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Young walkers we salute you!

Right now I’m feeling pretty sore. But also pretty inspired.

The 2016 Jean Stewart Walk trekkers ready to hit the trailSore because I’ve just completed the Jean Stewart Walk, an annual event held by the Scottish Region’s Camping Club Youth section (CCY) across two days taking in 21 miles and camping along the way. Not to mention lugging all our own camping kit and food on our backs.

But more importantly I’m inspired. Inspired by the youngsters, aged 12 and upwards, who took part. They were drenched by the rain, baked by the occasional sunshine, chilled by cold winds on mountain passes, struggled with backpacks that looked larger than they did, and quite literally took the blisters in their stride. I seldom heard any grumbles.

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Simon McGrath

Simon McGrath

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Editor, Camping & Caravanning I've been a journalist for more than 20 years and a magazine editor for at least a dozen of them. I have a love of the great outdoors, not to mention camping in all its forms, which is a great way to get out there. But I don't just like admiring the countryside, I love getting active by sailing, trekking and walking, canoeing (when I get the chance) and mountain-biking.

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A (Certificated) Site for sore eyes…

Although we’d stayed previously camped in places that are classed as Camping and Caravanning Club Listed Sites, we’d never before spent a night on a Certificated Site (CS). And what a beautiful site it was.

Nestling in the village of Shepley, near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, this CS in Marsh Lane provided a restful and handy base for our latest trip in the Xplore.

Ted at CSI was at home straight away, and as I’m a slim chap I can balance quite nicely, thank you very much, on the back of the bench seats, where I took up my position and looked out for wildlife on this scenic CS.

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Dog Blog

Dog Blog

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Travelling terrier Ted, together with his maid and chauffeur, visit campsites around the UK with Milly the caravan in tow. Ted offers tips for places to stay and shares some of his holiday capers.

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