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What a summer it’s been. Warm, balmy days swathed with sunshine, perfect weather for camping and perfect weather for dining alfresco. We finally had the barbecue summer we’d all been hoping for.

There’s something special about eating and cooking outdoors isn’t there? I don’t know whether it’s all that fresh air and exercise we experience while camping that builds a healthy appetite or whether it’s the sizzle and spit of the barbecue that gets our taste buds going. Whatever it is, fresh food cooked outdoors always tastes mouth-wateringly good.

Hopefully you’ve all had plenty of opportunities to fire up the barbecue, gather your friends and tuck into some tasty treats this summer.

Already the nights are drawing in and the days getting cooler but don’t be too hasty and pack away your barbecue just yet. Remember, your barbecue can be a very versatile cooking vessel on which you can cook up a multitude of warming winter dishes as well as summer ones.

In fact, if you pledge to have a Great British barbecue over the coming weeks, you could win yourself some great barbecue-related prizes, including a One-Touch Kettle barbecue from Weber, a sumptuous meat hamper, even some Hobgoblin beer to wash it all down!
Visit the Great British Barbecue website for more details.

You’ll also find the website packed with great barbecuing tips and plenty of recipe ideas including videos from the Club’s own food guru Ali Ray. Watch her prepare and cook her own tasty recipes for smoked mackerel and paella. Also head to the Club's Eat Local website for more tasty recipes from Ali, as well as her ideas for buying local produce.
Go on, make your pledge, keep those Great British barbecues fired up and have fun!

*Find details of how to stay safe when barbecuing here.

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