The new Discovery 4 offers comfort and practicality

The new Discovery 4 offers comfort and practicality

Christmas might still seem a long way off, but I've already decided what I want.

In fact, there are quite a few things I want, and they all begin with R.

Range Rovers.

Arriving at Hampton Manor, in Hampton-in-Arden near Solihull, the venue for Jaguar Land Rover's Press Day - where the media are invited to test-drive cars - I was greeted by the site of brand new Range Rovers and Land Rovers one side and all types of Jaguar the other.

Cars, to me, have always been there to serve a purpose; to go from A to B and hopefully back again, depending on Mother Nature and Lady Luck. The destination is always more important than the journey, in my opinion.

That said, being able to take my pick from a vast array of beauties was beguiling - and not just because there weren't any crushed biscuits and half chewed sweets on the back seat like there are in my own chariot.

They're lovely cars, plain and simple, and boy did I have fun trying them out!

Hopping into the Range Rover Sport, I felt like a wag (as in a footballer's wife and girlfriend, not like a comedian!).

With 22-inch alloy sparkle silver wheels and a sliding panoramic roof, this car screams glamour and is sure to attract admiring glances whether at the campsite or on the school run.

At £64,995 without the extras, it has all the attributes you would expect from a Range Rover - style, comfort and the ability to look after you off road should you end up in the wilds!

I did try the Land Rover Defender 110 Crew Cab Pick-up but having stalled twice before even leaving the car park would liken the experience to meeting someone at a dance only to discover that having done the Tango, a brief encounter it must remain even though it was a comparative snip at £30,095.

The Discovery 4 had everything a camping or caravanning family could want, offering that rare, magical mix of room and comfort.

With a vision assist pack as an optional extra, this vehicle felt as if it could handle any towing situation with ease.

Once the seats were folded down, the overall storage capacity in the back was superb and at £52,450 the only thing I would change is the colour as I think the "nara bronze" hue would put some people off.

The Range Rover Vogue SE had me drooling at the mouth.

Winding around country lanes the ride was incredible; easy to handle, responsive and a fabulous sound system - my only criticism was the dashboard looked a little cheap to me and with a price tag of £77,910, it was anything but!

Big sigh. All I have to do now is write my letter to Santa and wait...