We've been to the Med! Well, it certainly seemed like it, although we were just a few miles from... can you guess?
Molly & Ted WithernseaI spied with my little eye, something beginning with 'W'.
Whitby? No. Weymouth? No. Weston super Mare?
You're cold - although we were very warm! Stumped? It's called Withernsea! And it's not far from the east coast port of Hull... hardly a hotspot for tourists, unless they are catching a ferry to Zeebrugge, Belgium, or going to the aquarium attraction The Deep.

None of our party - the chauffeur, the maid, nor Ted and me - had ever been to this hidden gem of a pretty seaside town.

It came about due to the chauffeur being lax about booking for our favourite Whitby site, which was then available for just one night when we tried to spend a weekend at this very popular location.

Park Resorts WithernseaSo we set off, as per the usual plan (no plan) and a couple of hours later were rolling up, in brilliant sunshine, at Withernsea Sands, a Park Resorts site (right).

Just about everything we like in a site was there. Nice big pitches, a handy shop... and a super promenade a short walk away which takes you past some pretty terraced houses and gardens that overlook the sea.

We wandered into town on the Saturday morning, enjoying the sun on our faces as it shimmered on the millpond sea. Waves gently lapped the sand and shingle, making a lovely relaxing "shushing" noise.

The maid remarked that it was as nice as a spring morning on Rhodes or Malta... if only we had a few more like this in a year!

WithernseaI, of course, was awaiting a bacon breakfast but it failed to materialise... however, I have a feeling we'll be returning to Withernsea before too long so I'll be checking out the local cafes for my share of The Full English.

One complaint from the maid - the toilets and showers at Withernsea Sands needed an upgrade - but other than that, we all felt refreshed and relaxed after our sunny seaside weekend.

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