Filey beach with dogsThere are some holiday destinations that aren't trumpeted as much as others. Filey's like a talented sibling that gets overlooked because its big brother Bridlington and sister Scarborough shout louder and look more enticing.

They are brash, brimful of amusement arcades, fairground rides and family fun - loud and proud, proclaiming their position on the east coast for all to see and hear. But shy Filey is a seaside town to be explored, enjoyed and celebrated for its attractiveness, quaintness and accessibility.

It has all the joys that we canine adventurers love - a long, sweeping sandy beach, a wide promenade to amble along that is filled with exciting smells (that's Molly-speak for cafes offering sizzling sausages and bacon) and plenty of seats on which to relax and watch the world go by. In fact, I'd go as far as to say this is one of the best towns my little legs have trotted around so far.

Having cancelled their previous plans to spend a weekend in Filey due to predicted thunderstorms, the maid and chauffeur were thrilled when the following weekend promised gentle breezes and sunshine all the way. Tent or motorhome was the only decision - so the 'van was duly packed with a few essentials and off we went.

Fairy garden FileyOur site was delightful - it even had a Fairy Tea Garden where hungry and thirsty visitors could rest and enjoy tea and cake. Unfortunately we didn't see any fairies, nor any tea makers, as the tea garden was closed for holidays. I suppose even fairies need a break sometimes!

If you're planning to visit the site we stayed at, called Centenary Way ( and are using a satnav, ignore it when it tries to encourage you to turn directly off the A165 - you'll end up at a neighbouring site. You need to take the A1039 at the roundabout and you'll see the sign for the park.

There's no stress finding your pitch when you’ve booked in - each one is spacious and there's plenty of hardstanding. The maid said the toilet block was quite nice, although there were not many showers for the number of people that might need to use them at peak times. So she suggests an evening shower - or get up very early!

Speaking of being up with the lark, we rolled out of our beds at about 5am to make the most of our days before the heat of the afternoon slowed us down. That’s me… I grind to a halt when I get too hot!

And it was on the Sunday morning, as we were walking down the lane that runs alongside the campsite, that we spotted another early riser - or rather, someone who'd been out hunting all night.

File Ted on footpathThere, in a field of freshly mown hay, was a fox. Surprisingly, it didn't take flight, but instead crouched down in a pile of hay and watched us walking, its ears turning gradually like satellite dishes to follow us and to make sure we were no threat.

It wasn't the only rarely seen wild creature that we spotted over the weekend. Crawling along the path that led to the cliff's edge was a "Woolly Bear" caterpillar, battling its way through a range of grasses. Its numbers appear to have declined dramatically in recent years but this one was quite lucky - although Ted was fascinated by it, the chauffeur kept him on a tight lead so it will, hopefully, live to transform magically into a Garden Tiger moth later this year.

The views from the top of the cliff were amazing. Yachts bobbed about in the silvery sea and Filey Brigg - a narrow peninsula that attracts a variety of birds - looked imposing. There’s a site for tourers here too, and the coastal path offered lots of opportunities for walkies.

It was so lovely to be able to avoid cars and the madding crowd to breathe in the salt air and I could feel the maid and chauffeur starting to relax and enjoy the quiet solitude of this lonely, but not isolated, edge-of-the-Earth location.

Filey baconThe town centre is just a few minutes’ walk from the site, and on the prom there’s a huge sculpture of a rugged fisherman, reminding people of the town’s heritage. There were lots of silver-painted shells cemented into the promenade for children to count - a nice touch.

One thing I wasn’t counting was the calories, and Ted and I tucked into bacon and sausage when the chauffeur ordered a breakfast bap and brought our catch back in a separate container.

What could be finer than fud in fantastic Filey? You can see how much we enjoyed it from this photo!

Next time… I'll tell you about a great site we've discovered that is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.