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Around the bend

We’ve reached the halfway point in the IAM advanced driving course – usually a crucial time when the focus can either drift or intensify as people start considering the final week when the examiner steps in. The Highway Code poses a real threat, especially to some whose last proper look was way back in the 20th century.

Driving Week 3aMeanwhile in the classroom session we’re moving on to signalling, manoeuvring, cornering and the art of driving in town. We’re shown film clips of parallel parking, turns in the road and reversing around a corner – the sorts of things some go out of their way to avoid.

Living in a busy town I’m no stranger to street parking and generally have no problem with it, but as soon as I’m asked by long-time IAM observer Keith Madderson to slot into a generous space on a quiet Leamington suburb, I waste no time in hitting the kerb. It’s the same story for reversing around a bend, to which I overcompensate on a second attempt by ending up two feet away. Taxi! It should be noted that a learner driver we pass seems to be having more success with the same challenge. Keith advises practise, practise, practise.

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It's Pancake Day

Ali Ray PancakesI heard on the radio this morning Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day will be more celebrated than Valentine's Day.

Certainly in my house pancakes will be on the menu this evening. Quick and easy to make - especially if you are camping - flour, eggs and milk are all basics from the local shop.

Here's my very own recipe for sweet Summer Berry pancakes and even sweeter toffee apple pancakes. I've added a bit of a twist using fruit yoghurt to give a denser pancake and also some bicarbonate of Soda for a rise.

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Ali Ray

Ali Ray

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Ali Ray is as passionate about camping as she is about eating and cooking with locally produced food. You can read more from Ali in Camping & Caravanning and online.

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The Club on the telly and spring in the air

Candy was explaining to the presenter of BBC series Great British Railway Journeys about the origins of the Club, and a fine job she did too!

Ted watching tellyAs you can see, I was engrossed, and while the maid scrambled to find her camera, I watched intently from my perch on the ‘buffet’, as the chauffeur calls it. However, after a couple of shots the maid’s camera battery failed. Honestly, you just can’t get the staff these days!

Now we’re into February, it feels like spring is truly on its way. We’ve seen daffodils flowering early and even blossom on some trees, so it must be almost time to get Milly the caravan out of storage and check her over.

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Dog Blog

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Travelling terrier Ted, together with his maid and chauffeur, visit campsites around the UK with Milly the caravan in tow. Ted offers tips for places to stay and shares some of his holiday capers.

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