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Donkeys and djellabas

While camping in Britain in March, rain showers might be expected – but not in Morocco! That’s what we got though: torrential rain for the week we were in North Africa. But the weather didn’t deter us from enjoying the great outdoors, and nor should it.

Blog Ferry crossingThis leg of our Education By Astonishment trip was fascinating, starting with the ferry from Algeciras to Tangier, booked for us back in Britain by the Club’s experts. Just over an hour long, if you take this crossing look out for the wonderful leaping porpoises.

Then it was really exciting drifting by Gibraltar and watching Africa’s shores come closer. Our two sons Daniel and Darley, aged five and three, are most definitely gaining a stronger grip of geography on our travels.

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Hurst Family avatar Posted by
Hurst Family

Hurst Family

Hurst Family avatar

We’re the Hurst family: that’s me David; my wife Debs and our two brilliant boys Daniel and Darley, aged five and three, plus Colin Dog (a dynamic collie!) – and we love being outdoors and travelling.

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I just went on tour…

Robens Cabin 300, Citroen 2CV6, Portuguese Rescue Dog.

Robens Cabin 300, Citroen 2CV6, Portuguese Rescue Dog.

If there were such a thing as Friendly Club Bingo, Hortense and I would have scored a full house over Easter. Over six days, accompanied by AdventureDog Shakey, we camped at a Certificated Site, a Special Interest Section, a Region meet – though a rather exclusive one, at Houghton Hall, the site of this year’s National Feast of Lanterns – a District Association Temporary Holiday Site, and two Club Sites, one in England and one in Scotland.

At The Volunteer CS, Herefordshire

The CS was a late addition to the list. It wasn’t my intention to go from Coventry to Sawston, the venue for the Folk Dance and Song Group Easter Gather, via Herefordshire, but if you drive museum pieces instead of sensible cars, sometimes you have to go quite a long way to get a new clutch.

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Sheila Kiggins

Sheila Kiggins

Sheila Kiggins avatar

I’m Sheila, the Club Reporter. I love getting out and about with my three-legged dog Shakey, meeting Club members and bringing stories back for the magazine.

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Sad news

Visitors to the Club website who are on Twitter may have heard of the sudden death of my
travelling companion, Molly.

Molly swan botherer

Three weekends ago we enjoyed a pre Easter visit to Lytham and St Anne’s, near Blackpool,
where she ran about, pestered a swan and used the newfound energy that tablets for hypothyroidism had given her to roll around in the grassy dunes.

Now she’s gone, after being diagnosed with diabetes and struggling to make progress with her

I am sad, as the chauffeur dissolves into tears occasionally as he realises his sofa
companion is no longer lying at his feet.

But life goes on, and I have been invited to take on the enjoyable task of sniffing out grrrreat sites for canine chums to visit this summer.

So watch this space, as they say, and I will do my best to make our much missed Molly proud of my efforts.

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Dog Blog

Dog Blog

Dog Blog avatar

Travelling terrier Ted, together with his maid and chauffeur, visit campsites around the UK with Milly the caravan in tow. Ted offers tips for places to stay and shares some of his holiday capers.

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