Insurance considerations when fitting a caravan awning

Awnings come in many shapes and sizes, from a simple porch awning being used for extra storage space to a full awning allowing you to spread out in a much bigger living area. With such a variety of awnings on the market, most caravanners today use one while holidaying. Despite this, there are lots of people who are unsure about how their awnings are included in their caravan insurance, and what they should consider to keep their awning and caravan fully covered.

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At Club Care, awnings are covered under a specific section of the caravan insurance policy and may be covered either with a new for old replacement or current market value, dependant on the policy chosen for the caravan itself. Within Club Care policies, caravan awnings are covered for exactly the same perils as the caravan, as long as they are not left unattended for more than four days.

Damage by the weather

Stephen Lawrence, Club Care’s Claims Manager, explains that the main cause of insurance claims for caravan awnings is weather-related damage. Awnings should not be left unattended for long periods of time due to their lightweight structure, which is why the maximum length of time it can be left under the coverage of our insurance policy is four days. Stephen advises that caravanners carefully consider the weather when erecting their awning because “if buildings can be storm damaged, what chance does an awning have even if the if the description suggests it is suitable for all seasons?”

Very often caravanners find that their units have been damaged as a result of awning poles thrashing in the wind and hitting the unit, this eventuality is covered under Club Care’s Caravan Insurance policy. Our advice to avoid any unnecessary harm coming to your caravan or awning from bad weather is to disassemble your awning as soon as you hear that medium or high winds are forecast. You can then also use your full awning bag to give your caravan extra stability by placing it on the floor in the centre of your unit.

Weather aside, another insurance consideration for caravanners who use an awning is to ensure that nothing of substantial monetary value is left unattended in the awning. Depending on the security of the awning you own and whether or not it is fully attached to your caravan, there will be limitations to the cover available if any of your belongings are lost or stolen. Bear in mind that although many awnings can be locked, they can be easily broken into by thieves, so ensure that you leave valuables out of sight.

When taking out your caravan insurance you will also need to consider the value of your awning and make sure that you increase your total sums insured accordingly. Make sure your awning is covered at all times by remembering to notify your insurer of changes or replacements made to your awning as and when they happen.