Beat the Thieves at their own game

Club Secure CTAIt is easy to block or jam GPS-based tracking devices in the event of theft. However, the AppelloGEO’s ground-based radio signals don’t rely on GPS and will not be affected by taking the unit indoors, even in a metal industrial unit with a GPS jammer being used!

Instead the AppelloGEO communicates with the mobile phone network, which we use to both control the unit and also locate it to an approximate area.

On the FindMyGEO software that you’ll receive with your unit, you will see a blue circle on the inclusive weekly location check. The AppelloGEO will be in or just around this circle. In the event of theft, we get even more accurate data as a starting point but we also turn on the powerful homing beacon. When the investigator gets to the approximate location, the homing beacon (which is incredibly accurate and directional) takes over.

Whether it’s in a shipping container or in the back of a lorry, the homing beacon will carry on working - and cannot be jammed.

One of the other techniques thieves use is locating a tracking device by electrical wiring. This can be through the simplistic approach of looking at wiring in the unit and finding unexpected wiring that they can trace back to the tracking device, or by using electrical current detectors. These can be sensitive enough to detect even the smallest of power draws that hard-wired tracking devices will need.

The AppelloGEO’s long life battery means that it is totally self-contained. This has three key benefits for you:

1. Without the limitation of an aerial or wiring connected to your leisure batteries, you are free to hide the AppelloGEO where you want and don’t have to worry about how it will affect your leisure power system.
2. This lack of wiring also makes it very difficult for a thief to find a well-hidden tracking unit so they feel confident the caravan or motorhome hasn’t got one installed.
3. If you come to sell your Caravan or Motorhome, it is easy for you to take your AppelloGEO and put it into your new unit. No more engineer visits or installation fees. No more re-registration charges. Everything just carries on as it was.

If you have any queries about Club Secure, please email us at or call on 0845 608 8012.