Experienced Investigators - Real people, not dots on a map

Club Secure CTAWhen a unit has been stolen, we send a trained investigator direct to the area to locate your stolen Caravan or Motorhome - usually retired Police officers that bring a wealth of experience to our business. They know how to talk to the Police to get results and carry out an assessment of the site before officers come.

The Police welcome having experienced investigators on site who can apprise them on the legal basis in which we can enter private property to ascertain the asset is inside. The AppelloGEO’s ability to track indoors means that we can provide officers with an exact address of where the stolen unit is. This is an essential requirement when obtaining a search warrant and often difficult to do with GPS ‘dots on a map’.

All of our investigators must go through our training to be approved. The investigation team is run by John Mussett, an ex-South Yorkshire traffic and firearms officer with 30 years’ real world experience recovering stolen vehicles and dealing with the people that steal them.

Having a real person on the ground, representing your best interests, makes a real difference.

If you have any queries about Club Secure, please email us at enquiries@clubsecure.co.uk or call on 0845 608 8012.