Movement Alerts - Time to drop the anchor

Club Secure CTAThe AppelloGEO is the only non-GPS (satellite) tracking device in the world that is capable of detecting movement based on location and not a motion sensor.

Motion sensors have a limited use, but they can be falsely activated by heavy traffic or more likely by you moving your Caravan or Motorhome when in storage and forgetting your system is motion protected.

The AppelloGEO uses a really clever bit of technology that creates a map of local mobile phone masts. In the event of theft where the Caravan or Motorhome is taken more than 2 miles away, the AppelloGEO will notify you based on the settings you’ve got on FindMyGEO. This could be via an email or text and the AppelloGEO checks its location every time it wakes up.

We call it ‘Dropping the Anchor’ and you will find the Anchor function on the Map Screen for your unit on FindMyGEO. If you store your Motorhome or Caravan over winter, or will be on a site for a few weeks, then Drop your Anchor and you know you’re protected - you can even move it about on the site without a false activation.

If you’re travelling in the next few days and want to set the Anchor after you have arrived on site, no problem. The Anchor function allows you to send the message to the AppelloGEO immediately, or schedule a time and date for the message to be sent and the Anchor to work. Then you can just drive to the site and the unit will Drop the Anchor the next time it wakes up and receives your scheduled message. Perfect if you won’t have access to a computer whilst on site to set up the alert.

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