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  • <a name="noemail"></a>I don't have an email address, what do I do now?

    To Login and use the Members' Area you need to have an email address. Additionally this email address needs to be on your membership record for you to initially Register for the Members' Area. To Login you need email address and password. There are many ways of setting up a free email address, such as with Google, Yahoo or Hotmail amongst many others. Read more »

  • Can I opt-out of receiving email newsletters but still access the Members' Area?

    Yes, you can opt-out of receiving emails but so long as your email address remains on your membership record you can still access the Members' Area.

  • How do I know if I am in the Members’ Area?

    You will see your name in the top left hand side of the page, with Logoff button beside it. Any website pages which are only available to members will have a button “For Members” appearing on the top right hand side of the page. You can still navigate around the site but if you are logged in there is going to be additional content you will be able to see which non-members will not.