Club Manoeuvring Courses

Are you just starting out with a caravan, trailer or motorhome or looking to improve your current skills? Then the Club’s Caravan and Motorhome Manoeuvring Courses are for you.

Both caravan and motorhome courses last one day and are run throughout the country from March to September.

The trainers are all qualified driving instructors. With a restriction of only twelve participants per course, giving a ratio of one Instructor to every four participants for caravan and one to three for motorhome you can be sure of individual attention.

All you need to participate in the course is a full drivers licence and a suitable towing vehicle for caravan courses, with electrics and towing mirrors, caravans are provided to complete the practical elements of the course. Members will be required to bring their own motorhomes for the Motorhome Manoeuvring Courses.

The fee is £105.00 for members. Manoeuvring Course Vouchers are available in our online shop. Shop Now >>

 If you’re not already a member, take advantage of our special membership offer – book a course for £130.00 and get a year’s membership to the Club. At the end of the day all participants receive a course certificate and, for the caravan course, a free copy of the handbook "Safe Towing for Life".

Successful completion of the Club’s Caravan Manoeuvring Course is a prerequisite to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Towing Test. The course certificate provides proof of off-road skills, and allows the IAM test examiner to focus entirely on road skills.

Course Dates

2014 Course Dates

Find details of all course dates and venues throughout 2014.

Course Dates

Caravan Syllabus

Course Syllabus Outline - Caravan

Find out more information about what the caravan course syllabus entails.

Caravan Syllabus

Motorhome Syllabus

Course Syllabus Outline - Motorhome

Find out more information about what the motorhome course syllabus entails.

Motorhome Syllabus

How to book

To book over the phone with a Debit / Credit Card or enquire about either a Caravan or Motorhome Manoeuvring Course please call the Club on 0845 130 7412. Manoeuvring Course Vouchers are available in our online shop. Shop Now >>

Sponsored by Club Care Insurance

The Club's Manoeuvring Courses are sponsored by Club Care Insurance.

Members who complete the Club’s Manoeuvring Course save 5% off Club Care Caravan Insurance.

Find out more about Club Care Insurance.

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