Online Booking System Notice and FAQs

Club website

Club website

The Club would like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their continued patience regarding issues that may be experienced when booking online.

We will be keeping this page up to date and as a point of reference to keep members informed of any actions, fixes and developments as they happen. Older posts may be archived to the bottom of this page, in order to keep it easy to search for and find information and updates.

As we progress with development it has become clear that issuing set completion times has proved ineffective. This is down to the many contributing factors involved in the process of making alterations to such a large booking system, especially when the system is much bigger than just the website booking pages. Therefore we will be giving status updates instead, which we’re certain will be more useful and accurate over coming weeks.

You may also note that we’re now marking the FAQ’s as updated when new content has been added.

Feedback Form:
Your feedback is very valuable to us to help us to deliver the booking system you would like. While we acknowledge the fact we’ve not been able to respond as fully or as quickly as we’d like to complaints or enquiries made to us about it, it’s vital that we continue to receive your feedback. We want you to tell us how you find using the booking pages and what you think we should know to improve it.

Therefore we would like all feedback regarding the online booking system to be directed to us via this form: Online Booking System Feedback

We can’t promise a personal response to everyone; however we can guarantee that all will be read and considered while we continue to develop and improve the webpages.
Once again we would like to sincerely thank all of our members for their continuing support and patience. We know that with your help we will develop the online booking system into a great one.

Corrections Page:
Another resource that we think members will find useful is this one: Updates, Errors and Omissions

This is a page we regularly update the Club publications, such as Your Place in the Country, with the most up to date information on opening and closing dates, directions and more.

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