Insurance when touring in The EU

Motorhome in FranceTravel in the EU is proving ever popular with caravanners and motorhome owners alike, thanks to its variety of cultures and unique experiences. Whether you would like to climb the Eiffel Tower, taste authentic Belgian chocolate, sail on Lake Garda or visit Amsterdam’s famous tulip fields you can – and for a real adventure, all within the same trip.

When you are planning your European holiday, whether on one of our organised tours or on your own, you will need to ensure that your caravan or motorhome is adequately insured.

With foreign travel insurance this couldn’t be easier, as Club members receive 365 days a year EU Cover free with their motorhome insurance and have the ability to purchase up to 365 days of EU Cover on their caravan insurance policy, giving you peace of mind that you are covered for the whole holiday.

The cover you will receive in the EU is exactly the same as if you were holidaying in the UK, and benefits include:

Caravan Insurance Benefits
Motorhome Insurance Benefits
Repatriation following an insured incident or
if the driver is injured or taken sick
Unlimited windscreen cover
Theft of the caravan
Toilet tent and awnings cover
Loss of use cover
Fire/Theft of the motorhome
Up to £20,000 Personal Accident cover
Up to £3,500 Personal Effects cover
Up to £2.5m Public Liability cover
Up to £5,000 Personal Accident cover
Cover for sports equipment - fishing rods,
wetsuits, surfboards and inflatable dinghies
(no more than 14ft or 427cm in length)
Standard excess of £100
24-hour claims helpline
24-hour claims helpline

The cover is valid in any country that is a member State of the European Union, along with Andorra, Croatia, Faroe Islands (caravan only), Gibraltar (caravan only), Liechtenstein, Monaco (caravan only), Norway, San Marino (caravan only), Switzerland and Vatican City (caravan only). Transit between these countries will also be covered, perfect if you are exploring several locations on your tour.

If you are not yet insured with Club Care then you can get a caravan or motorhome insurance quote today, plus Club members receive an extra 5% discount!