Friends and family cover

With more people making the decision to enjoy holidays in the UK due to financial pressures of travelling overseas, a growing number of touring caravan owners are lending their caravans to friends and family to help keep holiday costs lower.

In light of this, independent financial research company Defaqto have advised caravanners to read their insurance policies closely after discovering that a number of policies don’t cover friends and family use. Defaqto’s study has revealed that 12% of policies won’t cover family use, and a surprisingly large 57% don’t cover lending your caravan out to friends.

Family and friends cover by Club Care

2016caravanbannerSQUAREAt The Camping and Caravanning Club, we want to encourage as many people as possible to try caravanning, which is why our insurance arm, Club Care, insure friends and family use as standard with their policies.

Provided that there is no payment or commercial gain from lending your caravan then you are free to lend your unit as often as you like to your friends and family. Under these circumstances, there is no need to contact Club Care to tell them as your unit, awnings, equipment and contents are all covered. For added peace of mind you and your family’s legal liability arising from the ownership or use of the caravan is also covered as standard. To extend the policy to cover the legal liability of your friends when using your caravan all you need to do is contact Club Care on 01277 243060. They will then send a letter confirming that your friend is insured. In most cases there will be no extra charge. 

Tip: Don’t forget to lend your friends and family your copy of Your Big Sites Book (part of your membership package) that contains details of over 2,600 campsites for them to choose from!