Rural retreat: Motorhome additions to prevent your premiums getting bogged down

CCI Motorhome Square CTAWhether it’s at the feet of the Cairngorms, or just a stone’s throw away from a Cumbrian lake, we all have our favourite rural escapes, and your motorhome certainly gives you the freedom to reach and enjoy even the most secluded of spots. What’s more, with just a few adjustments and additions, you can help ensure your holiday goes without a hitch — while helping keeping your insurance premium costs to a minimum.

Simple steps can go a long way in reducing the chances of having to make a claim, helping you keep your no-claims bonus intact. For example, when it comes to security, it’s sometimes possible to unlock lower premium prices through taking extra preventative measures. If getting away from it all is your plan, here are some ways to get extra peace of mind while also helping you to reduce your insurance spend.

Extra protection against break-ins

Your campsite beside Windermere might be the last place in the world you’d associate with theft. It might be statistically unlikely, but a break-in attempt cannot be ruled out. With its multiple entry points and the promise of valuables inside, a motorhome can make an attractive target for a would-be thief — either while you are pitched up or taking a break in an out-of-the-way service station.

Security devices can reduce this risk substantially. Gap Security, for example, provides insurance-recognised, wireless alarm systems for motorhomes. The system focuses on the entry points via infrared sensors, and it can be armed when you are away on a long stroll up the fells, and when you settle in for the night.

What’s more, fitting other security devices can often result in a reduction in insurance premium costs by as much as 10%. As an example, a proactive tracking device is designed help you retrieve your motorhome in the event that it’s stolen.

Key protection

During a countryside getaway, the days tend to revolve around fishing, hiking, trekking, and exploring with various paraphernalia to hand. Then comes the age-old panic: what have you done with the motorhome keys?

Replacing motorhome locks can be a costly business, resulting in a bill that can be upwards of £500. Taking a key protection option as part of your policy can help reduce both expense and hassle in this type of situation. Not least, it involves ‘tagging’ your key with an insurance reference, so it can be handed in and traced back to you quickly and safely if found. It’s just a simple and easy way of protecting yourself against loss.

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Tyron safety bands

If your motorhome has been out of use for a long time, it’s especially important to check your tyres for sidewall cracking and other evidence of deterioration before setting off on your rural retreat. Likewise, you should ensure the tyres are correctly pressurised for optimum handling on country roads, and to reduce the chances of a blowout.

Happily, it’s actually possible to obtain a discount on your policy if you have Tyron safety bands fitted. The aim of this device is to provide you with an extra element of protection in the event that you are unfortunate enough to suffer a blowout. When fitted to a tyre, it’s designed to enable a short period of run-flat capability, reducing your chances of losing control of the vehicle, and allowing you to drive to a safe place to change the tyre. On potentially hazardous country roads, this type of protection is well worth the investment.

Reversing camera

For backing into a pitch in front of a drystone wall, or manoeuvring into a tight space in a market town square, a helping hand can be invaluable. A reversing camera system can be useful for avoiding the type of seemingly minor bumps that can give rise to substantial claims for bodywork damage. As such, you might want to consider one as an investment with an eye on maintaining low premium costs.

The cost of a basic set is currently around £150, although the cost is gradually coming down. If you opt for a higher-end twin camera setup, you can use the unit to give you an improved rear view for general motorway driving — so its use isn’t necessarily confined to parking up.

Ready to set off?

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