How camping insurance can help in an emergency

CCI Camping Square CTAWhenever you go on holiday, being insured gives you peace of mind with the knowledge you’re covered if something goes wrong. If you get into an emergency situation on a camping trip, insurance can really help, yet many people don’t bother to take out a policy.

The main reason people take camping holidays is to escape normal, busy life. Getting back to nature allows you to readjust your emotional state, and to spend quality time with your friends, family, and loved ones. Since this is the reason you go on holiday, why take the chance of it all going wrong, and not having the correct insurance to cover it?

Why take out camping insurance?

Safe within the idyllic, serene clutches of nature, it’s hard to imagine anything going wrong on your camping trip. Unfortunately, sometimes things like weather, faulty poles, zip damage, or even accidents do happen. And of course, there’s extreme cases: consider storms, floods, or stray sparks from a campfire or flame making their way across to your new tent. Whether mishaps are big or small, the last thing you want to do is have something ruin your holiday.

Besides the tent, there are your possessions to think about. Your camping gear is at risk of going missing or being stolen. Yes, your tent may be securely fastened, and you may be camping at a secure site, but it’s not easy to take everything with you when exploring the local area. However, it is easy for a thief to gain access to your tent.

There are different risks to think about on different kinds of camping holiday, too. If you’re going on an adventure holiday, you might have specialist equipment with you, perhaps for a particular outdoor pursuit such as rock climbing. If it gets lost or stolen, it could be difficult and expensive to replace. Club Care Insurance offers a £50 single article limit for equipment, with a maximum of £100 (which is able to be increased to £200, or £300, subject to an additional premium).

On a family holiday with children, you might take more equipment than you would if you were camping alone. Even on a straightforward leisure holiday, there is always the chance of someone falling ill or having an accident.

Finally, there’s always the possibility that you might inadvertently cause harm to someone, or damage their property.

Getting the cover you need

Taking out Camping Insurance means that emergency situations such as these are completely covered.

If your tent (or anything in it) is damaged in an accident, or by fire, storm or flood, you will be covered: something also true in the event of any malicious damage. If the tent is unusable, the insurer will contribute to the cost of a hotel, or the hiring of another tent so that you don’t have to cut your holiday short.

Or, if for instance, someone else in your party not covered by your policy (i.e. a friend vs. a family member) is accidentally injured, or their property becomes damaged as a result of your actions, you will be covered for damages or compensation, and legal costs.

In the case of illness, if there’s no one else in your party who can drive, no problem. Your Camping Insurance contributes £500 to the cost of everyone’s train fare home, as well as the cost of getting your car, and all your equipment back safe and sound. If you escape illness but get severely injured in an accident, you will be covered, too.

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Making a claim

Of course, you hope that your holiday will be full of fun and enjoyment, and you won’t need to claim. If something untoward does happen, though, it’s important that you get everything sorted out as soon as possible.

To make a claim, just call the number in your policy documentation, and you will get through to a specialist claims advisor. Simply tell them what happened, and they will inform you about what you need to do. You may need to notify the police if a theft has taken place, or there has been malicious damage, and you should also keep any receipts and other documentation for submission later.

What doesn’t Camping Insurance cover?

As a general rule, cover applies only to problems that arise as a direct result of your holiday. If your tent is damaged because you’ve not stored it properly, or through wear and tear, you cannot claim. Also, you must be on holiday. You can’t claim for a tent you’re living in, letting out, or using for business purposes.

You’re also not covered if you pitch up your tent and, crucially, leave it unattended for more than four days, or if you leave any equipment lying around unattended. Additionally, anything that isn’t specific to camping (what may be considered as ‘specialist equipment’ in some cases: be sure to clear this up with your insurer), for example your mobile phone or other personal effects, cannot be claimed for.

Public liability cover applies only to you and your family, so others in your group will need to sort out their own insurance.

Regarding driver sickness, if someone else is able to drive the vehicle, or if the vehicle has more than eight seats, a claim cannot be made. Also, illnesses or injuries as a result of drugs, alcohol, or taking part in sports such as climbing, skiing or parachuting, aren’t covered: you will need extra insurance to cover these sporting aspects of your holiday.

Remember: Camping Insurance is there in case anything goes wrong, and at The Camping and Caravanning Club, we offer policies through Club Care Insurance for as little as £14. Take a look at our Camping Insurance policy and find out how we can make sure you’re perfectly covered for your holiday.