Tent insurance

CCI Camping Square CTAAnyone who enjoys the great outdoors will know that when they go camping the tent becomes their home away from home, protecting them from the elements and providing a cosy place to sleep under the stars.

However, by their very nature, tents are fragile. It is not uncommon for poles to snap, zips to break and fabric to get torn by a storm, branch, or worse, by vandalism. Nobody wants to come home from a great day out to find their tent slashed beyond repair and all their belongings stolen, or to be enjoying a hearty meal around the campfire only for a stray spark to cause irreparable damage to your ‘home’.

But it is not only your tent that you need to consider when you go away on a camping trip. Think of all the equipment, contents and personal effects that you may have with you not to mention your liability to a third party or their property should anything untoward happen while you are away.

If you want to protect your tent, your belongings and the enjoyment of a holiday in the wilderness, camping insurance is a smart choice. Our insurance arm Club Care offer comprehensive camping insurance cover so you can relax and enjoy your camping trip, even offering up to £500 cash towards hotel accommodation and subsequent hire of a tent to allow you to continue your holiday should the worst happen. Get an instant online quote today to make sure you are well covered for every eventuality, so you can have peace of mind while camping. Alternatively call one of Club Care’s friendly customer advisers on 01277 243 000 who will be happy to help.