Understanding Motorcycle and Scooter Insurance for campers

As a motorcycle or scooter rider, you may be considering combining your fondness for two-wheeled motoring with your love of camping, caravanning or motorhoming. Whether you’re riding in convoy with your family car, caravan or motorhome, your motorcycle or scooter needs to be insured.

As with Car Insurance, scooter or motorcycle cover consists of third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive — and policies can be taken out for anything from a small moped to a large motorcycle. So, if you’re planning a trip away, which level of cover is right for you?

Third party fire and theft: advantageous additions

Taking out a third party fire and theft policy, means you are covered if your bike is stolen or damaged by fire. If you cause harm to anyone else and they make a claim, the policy will cover any payments for which you are laible, including their medical costs. You are also covered for damage to other's property. In the case of a fatal accident that you have caused, your legal fees will be covered if proceedings are brought by people acting on behalf of the deceased.

The fire and theft element means that in the event of your bike being stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond repair by fire you will receive a total loss payment. If your bike needs repair following its recovery from theft or damage by fire, these will be taken care of, as well as the cost of transporting your motorcycle or scooter to a repairer and back. If it’s not economically viable to fix your bike, your insurance company will treat it as a total loss and you will receive a settlement amount based on your bike’s market value prior to its total loss.

Fully comprehensive: complete confidence

With fully comprehensive insurance, you have all of the cover available from a third party fire and theft policy, plus cover for repairs or a replacement motorcycle or scooter in the event that it is damaged in an accident — even if you have caused that accident.

Malicious damage or vandalism to your vehicle is also covered, as well as flood damage. You’re also covered if you lose your keys and you need them (and the locks) replacing. You should also consider the possibility of being embroiled in any legal matters, should something unforeseeable happen: for instance, Club Care Insurance offers up to £100,000 cover for legal expenses.

For many people, this extra peace of mind is crucial, especially if they own expensive motorcycles or scooters.

Which policy is right for the camping motorcyclist or scooter enthusiast?

With third party fire and theft, you’re covered if you cause any damage to others or their property, so you don’t have to worry unduly if you’re on a crowded campsite and you damage someone else’s tent with your bike, or collide with their parked car. You also have the freedom to take a European camping tour, knowing that the same cover applies.

In unfamiliar surroundings, your scooter or motorcycle could well be targeted, for example, because you unwittingly park in an area where a high number of vehicle thefts have been reported. Motorcycles and scooters are particularly vulnerable to theft because they are easier to steal and hide than cars.

Additionally, your bike could be at risk from fire if you’re on a site where campfires or barbecues are in use. During a dry summer, fires can easily get out of control, so the cover provided by a third party fire and theft policy will be of particular benefit.

The only kind of policy that can put your mind fully at rest, of course, is fully comprehensive. If you have an accident, you will be fully covered. When you’re going on holiday, you definitely want to feel secure, which is certainly the case when you have fully comprehensive cover.

Keep the cost of your premium down with Club Care Insurance

Whatever your cover level, your premium will be affected by factors such as the engine size of your bike, and any modifications you have made to it. More powerful, heavily-modified bikes, for example, will mean higher premiums.

The rider’s characteristics and history can also affect the premium. For example, if you have any criminal convictions, or have made a lot of accident claims during the past few years, you could end up paying more.

There are ways to reduce your premium, such as by increasing your voluntary excess (the amount you pay towards the cost of any claims), keeping your annual mileage low, and using security devices (such as immobilisers).

With cover through Club Care Insurance beginning at just £94, there is sure to be a policy to suit you. Get in touch with Club Care today to discuss which option is best.