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ARALDITE logoAraldite® has partnered with The Camping and Caravanning Club to give away 50 Araldite® Emergency Kits worth £35 each!

The Araldite® Emergency Kit gives you a travelling “make and repair” pack which practical caravaners will readily appreciate.

Three adhesives and a general purpose repair putty, all based on Araldite®’s famous epoxy technology cover an enormous range of running repairs from simple breakages to substantial “fill and fix” jobs.

The 24ml Araldite® Standard syringe dispenses equal amounts of resin and hardener and will Araldite Repair Kit resizebond metal, wood, chipboard, leather, fabric, rubber, most plastics and much more besides.

The handy one-shot 3g Araldite® Fusion syringe sets in 90 seconds and is ideal for precise delivery and application. Araldite® Crystal is a fast setting (5 minute) epoxy that is particularly good on glass, while Araldite® Repair putty will fix pipes, metal frames, bodywork and many other substantial tasks.

All Araldite® products come in eco-friendly packaging and contain no solvents.

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