Driving abroad

Speed limits
Many countries have different speed limits when towing or driving a motorhome.
Full information on this is available in our European Driver’s Handbook. Please be aware of the lower limits for vehicles or unit combinations over 3.5t on French roads.

Motorway tolls
Most countries that charge motorway tolls at booths or by pre-purchase windscreen sticker. In Austria motorway and expressway tolls are compulsory with prepurchase windscreen stickers. With vehicles over 3.5 tonnes the tolls are collected electronically by means of a small GO-Box affixed to the windscreen which are widely available from sales centres in
Austria and neighbouring countries close to the borders. Users of the system can pay the tolls via an account similar to a credit card account or by a method of prepayment credits. More information is available in our European Driver’s Handbook.

Low Emission Zones
In Germany over 40 cities have Low Emission Zones in which vehicles not displaying a Pollution Badge (Umwelt Plakette) may be fined €40. Badges are valid for the life of the vehicle throughout Germany. For non-German registered vehicles, classification depends on the vehicle type, its registration date and whether it runs on petrol or diesel.

The badge can cost from €29.90 and can be bought either online or from a wide range of outlets including repair centres, car dealers, MOT (Tüv) stations and vehicle licensing offices. A vehicle registration document (V5) is required and the vehicle itself.

Fluorescent waistcoats/jackets
High visibility reflective jackets must be carried in vehicles in France, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Belgium and Austria. This must be worn by anyone who gets out of a vehicle on the carriageway or at the side of the road outside of built-up areas.

It is compulsory to use your vehicle headlights at all times during the day in Croatia, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Slovenia, and also in Hungary and Italy outside built-up areas. It is recommended in Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland. In most countries motorcyclists should have their headlights on.

Remember to...
Take photocopies of all your holiday documents with you, as well as the originals, including your passport, driving licence, EHIC, insurance and vehicle documents.