Payments and foreign currency

Apart from the Czech Republic, Morocco, Switzerland, Turkey and Iceland the euro is the official currency of all European countries, although you may find the euro is also accepted for payments in these countries.

Currency can usually be obtained locally using your bank, currency or credit card from cashpoint machines, much as at home. Please note that some banks will charge for these withdrawals. Check the charges in advance with your card company.

Some debit type cards are not accepted for payments.

Check the media for current rates prior to buying currency and check with your bank that your card and PIN are valid for use when travelling abroad.

We recommend that you take a small sum of cash with you in euros or other local currency. Most garages on motorways and major roads accept currency, credit or debit cards, as will most but not all motorway toll booths. Increasingly, for security reasons, you will have to produce your passport to use your credit or debit cards, especially in Spain.