Utilities in Canada motorhomes

While on your touring holiday in Canada you will be using the power supplies in your motorhome; this guide will explain more about them.

Electrical hook-ups will be included in your tour price where they are available, as will your first fill of propane gas.

Propane gas

Your motorhome heating and cooking facilities run off propane stored in a tank on the motorhome. You can fill up your propane tank at petrol stations; the attendants will fill it for you. A propane tank should never be more than three quarters full.


Electricity is supplied at an alternating current of 110 volts, as opposed to the 220/240 volts in Europe. The frequency of Canadian electricity is 60Hz.

Your motorhome will have the appropriate hook-up equipment. You will need to purchase a voltage selector and universal adapter (available in most hardware or electrical shops in the UK) to use appliances such as a shaver or hair dryer in Canadian electrical sockets, unless your individual appliances have a feature to deal with this.