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Canada and UK entry requirements

The advice below will help you prepare for your entry into Canada and avoid any unnecessary hold ups affecting your holiday.

Passports and visas

A full ten-year passport is required by all British visitors to Canada. Your passport must be valid until at least 24 hours beyond your return flight to the UK (but preferably longer, in case of any unforeseen delays at departure). Holders of any non-British passport should check with the Canadian embassy before departing.


Under this new programme, citizens from countries other than the United States of America, but who do not require a visa to enter Canada, will instead need to obtain an online authorization before flying to Canada. Details of this new scheme are still emerging, but it is expected to be implemented in April 2015.
The application process is intended to be quick and easy, at a cost of CDN$7.00 (about £4.50) per person, and the eTA will be valid for up to five years. Travellers will apply online, providing basic personal information similar to what is currently collected when they arrive in Canada. eTA will be paperless, and eTA holders can expect faster service upon arrival at Canadian border control.
Full information is expected from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), beginning in January 2015, in advance of the launch of eTA in April. Please visit to consult the CIC website address, or please ask us for more details in January if you are unsure as how to proceed.

Prohibited items

No sharp objects, including pen knives or nail clippers, scissors or files, must be taken into the plane cabin. All liquids may also be refused in cabin baggage, unless you can prove, with appropriate certification, that they are for essential use (please check your airline’s documentation for its specific policy on this). Such items will be confiscated unless they are in hold baggage. Certain animal products, fresh fruit, plant materials or animal pests may not be allowed into the country.

Bringing goods into the UK

You are entitled to the allowances shown below

  • 200 cigarettes; or 100 cigarillos; or 50 cigars; or 250g of tobacco OR you can combine these allowances. For example, if you bring in 100 cigarettes (half your full allowance) you can also bring in 25 cigars (half your full allowance).
  • Other goods (including perfume and souvenirs) worth up to £390
  • 2 litres of still table wine
  • 1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22 per cent volume; 2 litres of fortified wine (such as port or sherry), sparkling wine or any other alcoholic drink less than 22 per cent volume OR you can combine these allowances. For example, if you bring in one litre of fortified wine (half your full allowance) you can also bring in half a litre of spirits (half your full allowance)
  • 16 litres of beer AND 4 litres of still wine

If you want to bring back more, you will have to declare it to customs on your way back and pay Customs duty and VAT. For more information, visit

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