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2014 Bookings

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So what is changing?

First and foremost, the Club is no longer publishing fixed pitch prices on each Club site page in Your Place in the Country. Instead we’ve published a guide that lists the ‘from’ and ‘to’ prices for each season, with Club Sites grouped into price bands to make comparison easier.

Members can use these prices as a guide and they will then see the definitive price for their holiday when they go through the new streamlined booking process, either online – or by calling the Club’s Contact Centre.

The “from” price is the base price that all bookings will start on and if demand follows normal patterns that is where it will stay. If demand changes for whatever reason – weather, events, or a big competitive deal – the price will change - down or up.

If demand for a particular Club Site increases, so too might the prices, but if demand is static or falls below expected levels, prices may be reduced. And that means there will be Great-Value-stampsome bargains to be had when it comes to camping with the Club in 2014 and whenever a deal is available.

Look out for the Club’s new Great Value stamp (right). It will appear online next to all those sites where members will pay a lower price than they would have in 2013.

Also keep an eye out for price promotions. These will appear in the magazine, on the website and social media and in email newsletters from time to time

So what does this mean for me?

From the start of member bookings on 7 November, the key changes include:

  • Price reductions across a number of Club Sites in selected seasons - for 2014, 38 sites have a lower adult member price in high season, some 31 in mid-season and 56 in low season.
  • Better family deals - 20 sites have a lower family price in high season (e.g. Alton, the Star will be over £7 cheaper, Scarborough and West Runton £4.50 cheaper) and 31 in mid-season.
  • Children will always be half the adult price
  • 25% discount for Age Concession members*
  • 30-day cancellation policy+

* From 1 January 2014, the age eligibility for members to get Age Concession is returning to 60 years old. However, current members aged 55 to 60 can still claim Age Concession by providing documentation of age and having their membership cards stamped at a Club Site before 21 July 2014 or at the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC Birmingham (15 to 20 October 2013) or the Spring Caravan & Camping Show at the NEC Birmingham (18 to 23 February 2014).

+ Cancellations made within 30 days of the start of the stay will not have their deposits refunded.

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