School Holidays 2014 – 2015

Plan your family break for the school holidays by using our handy table of UK school holidays for 2014 and 2015.

Please note, the dates listed are a guideline only and can vary according to area and school type. We always would recommend contacting your child’s school to confirm school holidays.

School Holiday dates

2014 School Holiday dates

2014 School Holidays
February half term 15th - 23rd February
Easter holidays 5th April - 21st April 
May Day 3rd - 5th May
Summer half term 24th May - 1st June
Summer holidays 23rd July - 31st August
October half term 18th October - 26th October
Christmas holidays 20th December - 5th January

2015 School Holiday dates

2015 School Holidays
February half term 14th - 22rd February
Easter holidays 28th March - 12th April 
May Day 2nd - 4th May
Summer half term 23rd May - 31st May
Summer holidays 21st July - 27th August
October half term 24th October - 1st November
Christmas holidays 19th December - 3rd January

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