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With 100+ Club Sites, 16 Camping in the Forest Sites, more than 1,400 Certificated Sites and over 1,000 Listed Sites – it can be difficult to choose just the right campsite for your needs.

So with this in mind, we’ve made it possible to post reviews about our sites throughout the UK; which in turn means our members can share with each other the experiences of their campsite stay.

Think of your favourite site and how well you know it. Then imagine being able to tell someone else about some of those wonderful things that make it so special! Advice on getting there, info about the pitches, the low-down on the facilities, what there is nearby to do, see and explore... it could open up a world of possibilities to fellow campers just like you.

Naturally there are a few house rules to consider – click to read them here – but we’re confident that our members will remember their good manners and warmly invite you all to take part.

To post a review:

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Visit our campsite search facility and search for a campsite you’ve been to. Click through to the Site info page you’ll see our star rating system to the left of the pricing that shows how many reviews there are for that particular campsite. To leave a review click on the reviews tab and then on the leave a review buttom. Now you'll be taken to the following review form.

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Reviews are viewed at The Camping and Caravanning Club, where they’ll be read in detail and checked that they’re suitable for posting on the website. Anything we feel is inappropriate or offensive will not be included (unless it can be revised by the contributor), or if necessary it will be addressed in an offline capacity.

To read a review:

read reviews

If you’d like to read the reviews already posted, either for inspiration or to help you chose your next campsite, use the campsite search facility to browse to a campsite you’re interested in. If there are any reviews available for that site, there’ll be a ‘Reviews’ tab available and from here you can browse all available reviews.

We’re looking forward to receiving your reviews, so why not get writing one now?

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