Fishing at Thetford Forest

Fishing at Thetford Forest Club Site

Fishing at Thetford Forest

Thetford Forest is the largest lowland pine forest in Britain; it is situated north of Suffolk and the south of Norfolk. A peaceful campsite on the edge of the forest perfect for exploring in Mother Nature’s playground.

While you're here, please take a look at some of the great fishing photos from Thetford in the gallery below.

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Thetford Forest Fishing Fact File

On-site fishing Yes
Season All year
Licence required Yes, a rod licence from the Environment Agency available at the Post Office.
Type of fishing Coarse
Where Lake
Water depth 9 Foot
Type of fish common carp, mirror carp, golden rudd, rudd, roach and tench
Is the water well stocked? Yes
Permitted bait bread, luncheon meat, sweet corn or pellets
Number of swims/pegs 10
Cost per day adult £3.50 / child £3.50
Cost per afternoon Adult £3.50 / Child £3.50
Keep or release Release
Exclusive to campers Join the club png Yes
Any restrictions no live bait including maggots, keep nets or night fishing. All fish caught must be landed using a net
Nearest tackle shop Watton 5 miles or Thetford 7.5 miles
Recorded top weight 15lb Common Carp

6 photos

fishing_at_thetford_campsite_6 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_5 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_4 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_3 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_1 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_2

fishing_at_thetford_campsite_6 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_6

fishing_at_thetford_campsite_5 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_5

fishing_at_thetford_campsite_4 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_4

fishing_at_thetford_campsite_3 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_3

fishing_at_thetford_campsite_1 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_1

fishing_at_thetford_campsite_2 fishing_at_thetford_campsite_2

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