Top 10 things to do with children on Club Sites

  1. Painting and colouring - take a range of colouring pens, paints and pencils to capture your holiday, when they're all grown up it's these pictures that will mean the most.
  2. Make a secret den – whether it’s in your awning, or at a ‘secret’ place on site, let your imagination run wild! Whether you build a castle, a hideout or their own ‘tent’ – they’ll love it. Don’t forget a picnic to reward yourselves for all your hard work!
  3. Go fishing – Who needs rods and waders? Some of the most fun at fishing can be with a jam jar and some string, checking out what’s in the pond or stream. Club Sites are teaming with wildlife, so you’re sure to have a ‘catch’ of some sort!
  4. Have a piggy back race – It may not be the Grand National, but having a piggy back race or leap frog match is certainly great fun – and the whole family can take part!
  5. Splash in the puddles – kids love getting muddy and dirty (especially when they don’t get into trouble!) and splashing in the puddles together is a (usually) forbidden pleasure that is very easily done, thanks to the UK weather!
  6. Check out the scenery – together. Club Sites are usually situated in beautiful parts of the country, with tons to see on site. Check out the type of trees on site, enjoy the smell of the cut grass and see what wildlife you can spot, right outside your unit. 
  7. Go for a bike ride – Many of the Sites have some great cycle routes that run right from the site. Whether your little ones ride with you, or you walk whilst they pedal, you can enjoy some great times on two feet or wheels. 
  8. Make some unusual friends – Club Sites are often home to a number of new friends. Whether they are your neighbours in the nearby tent, or a snuffling hedgehog trying to find his next meal, your little ones can enjoy making friends and having fun on-site.
  9. Laugh and hug – It may sound silly, but with hectic schedules and busy lives, sometimes the small things can be forgotten. 76% of kids who camp notice that their family has more time for hugs than usual, so make the most of this time and hug away! 
  10. Speak to the Site Manager – If you’re looking for ideas on what to do, your Holiday Site Manager will undoubtedly have some ideas on free or cut-price activities in the local area. Have a chat with them, or visit the information desk at the site.

No matter what you enjoy doing, we’ve got a Club Site that will suit you and your family. Book now to start enjoying quality family time together.