National Feast of Lanterns



27th to 31st August 2015 - Houghton Hall, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk. The Eastern Region look forward to welcoming you to NFOL 2015.

The annual national camping rally is being held at the Houghton Hall and is a fantastic way to celebrate the nation’s favourite pastime.

Although time has passed since the first NFOL, it still continues to uphold its traditions. The first NFOL celebrated the end of the camping year and members would sit around their campfires with old lanterns to light their meets.

Lighting up is still a key tradition however members now decorate their units with everything from tea lights to generator powered fairy lights creating beautiful street scenes. NFOL also holds an annual themed Mardi Gras parade, plus there is a Club pennon parade where Regions, Sections and DA’s join together to show off their colours in the final arena prior to the closing ceremony.

There’s plenty of additional free entertainment throughout the week for all to enjoy – from live music to dog shows, NFOL has something for everyone!

We looking forward to celebrating with you in 2015!

Bookings for NFOL 2015 are now being taken.
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