Television aerial advice

The list at the bottom of this page provides an easy reference guide to digital television aerial directions at all UK Club and Camping in the Forest campsites. It can be downloaded or printed.

The list is broken down into Camping in the Forest, and then regions for club campsites, such as Scotland and East Anglia. Each row has the site name, digital television aerial direction, the aerial mounting position and any specific comments for that site including satellite elevation information.

Advice on aerial mounting

Vertical aerialEach transmitter is set up to transmit its signal with either horizontally or vertically polarisation, it is normal for a main transmitter to have horizontal orientation and a relay transmitter to be vertically Credit Vision Plus whitealigned to prevent interference.

Therefore for a horizontal polarised signal the aerial mounting needs to have the arms or elements in that orientation, in a modern touring unit aerial the flat part of the aerial body needs to be horizontal, there is an example to the above . For vertical orientation the aerial needs to be rotated 90 degrees so the elements are in a vertical plane, again an example on the rightt.

Smart phone and tablet users

There are applications that can be downloaded for these devices that provide location based directional information for TV transmitters. Search for TV aerial on your device - A couple of examples of free apps are Freepoint UK and UK Aerial Alignment.


File Format File Title File size
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