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CCI Trailer Tent Square CTAWith a collapsible fabric exterior, solid base, and mod cons, the trailer tent is the perfect marriage of tent and caravan. Easily transported and stored, it allows for enjoyable camping trips with convenience and a spot of luxury when you need it.

We’ve put together a series of information and advisory articles on how you can get the most out of your trailer tent. Whether that’s popping to the beach for a long weekend or pitching up for an extended stay at one of our Club Sites, having the right insurance can go a long way to making your trip truly memorable. Club Care Insurance has got you covered in case of damage, theft, personal accidents, and much more. Your policy also applies wherever your trailer tent is, whether that’s on the road, on the campsite, or in storage.

At The Camping and Caravanning Club, our goal is to help you have a wonderful time in your trailer tent. So read on to discover how you can maximise and tailor your trailer tent insurance policy for trips both at home and abroad.

Exclusive member benefits

  • Club Care will always offer members terms regardless of value, origin or age
  • New for old cover available for trailer tents and folding campers up to 15 years old
  • Up to £3,500 loss of use cover
  • Up to £50,000 personal accident cover, up to the age of 85
  • Up to £5 million public liability cover
  • Discount for Club Members

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What will my Club Care trailer tent insurance policy cover?

Club Care’s comprehensive trailer tent insurance policy is competitively priced and gives you insurance cover on the move, on site and also, when your trailer tent is in storage.

The policy covers both new and old trailer tents, so even if you have had yours for a while you will still be able to get the cover you need.

Trailer tent insurance cover is available for all makes and models including imports and, if your trailer tent is no more than 15 years old, ‘new for old’ cover is provided.

A ‘loss of use’ payout of up to £3,500 will be provided if your trailer tent becomes inhabitable following an insured event.

Up to £5 million Public Liability Cover is provided (so you are covered if anyone makes a claim against you) and there is even an option to protect your maximum No Claims Discount.

Loss of equipment or personal effects you keep in your trailer tent (including fishing rods, wetsuits, surfboards and inflatable dinghies (no more than 14ft or 427cm in length) can be covered and Family and Friends cover is also available on request.

Are any discounts available?

A number of discounts are available. These include a 20% discount if you have four or more years no claims and a 5% discount for being a member of the Club. You can also earn a 10% discount for purchasing your trailer tent/folding caravan and home insurance together.

Finally, you can reduce your insurance premiums by removing cover that you don't need, so you will only pay for what you will actually use.

CCI Trailer Tent Long CTA

How much is the excess on the trailer tent insurance policy?

The good news is, with an excess of only £75 to pay in the event of a claim, Club Care’s trailer tent insurance policy means that if anything does happen, you can rest assured it will be taken care of.

What if I travel outside the UK?

If you plan to travel outside the UK then you need to ensure that you have European cover included in your trailer tent insurance policy. With Club Care Insurance you have the option of up to 365 days of European cover.

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