UK camping and caravanning

UK camping and caravanning

In recent years the number of people in the UK choosing to spend their holidays camping has grown at an astonishing rate. 2010 saw a 29% increase compared to 2009* and when figures for this summer are released the trend looks set to continue growing at almost the same rate**.

With this in mind we set about analysing our data to find out how modern British campers enjoy their camping and caravanning holidays. We’ve looked at who, how, where and how often to create a comprehensive picture of modern camping in this country based on information from our members.

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About the infographic

Join the Club nowAt The Camping and Caravanning Club we believe that understanding campers helps us support them better, so we were intrigued to see if the thousands of new campers would differ from more traditional holiday makers.

Whether you are interested in camping holidays for the peace and quiet, being surrounded by nature, socialising with fellow campers or seeing some of the UK’s best loved attractions, being part of a camping club is a great way to find out about all things camping related.

The Camping and Caravanning Club is the world’s oldest and largest camping organisation, we’ve been supporting campers for over 100 years and can offer expert advice on a huge variety of subjects from which tent to buy to how to tow your caravan safely and we’ll even help you to plan your trip.

The Club has 110 campsites and many more certificated sites arcross the UK. Looking for a camping trip abroad? Don’t, worry we’ve got that covered too. Just take a look at our Carefree travel section for all the information you need about camping abroad.

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