National Camping and Caravanning Week

National Camping and Caravanning Week (NCCW) is the Club’s annual celebration of camping, caravanning and the great outdoors.

Now in its 15th year, everyone is welcome to join in the Club’s efforts to raise the profile of our great hobby among the British public.

NCCW began in 2001, which was the Club’s centenary year, when we aimed to set a world record for the most people camping and caravanning at one time.

Previous years' themes have included The Cycle Challenge (2014) and New to Camping (2010).

And we succeeded in setting a Guinness World Record for the most people wearing paper crowns (2012) in 24 hours.

We’ve also invested in major research pieces that highlight the benefits of camping: for example, during NCCW 2007, we revealed campers and caravanners spend in excess of £2 billion in the UK economy.

One thing's for sure each year: we have a lot of fun camping and caravanning during NCCW, and so do those who join us.

Find out more about NCCW 2015, and how you can get involved.