Camping With Kids This Summer

Schools are out and now is the perfect opportunity to have time out with your family on a camping holiday. Your children will love messing about in mother nature’s playground and making new friends. We thought we’d give you a helping hand by listing the top 5 things to tick off of your kids’ lists and the best 3 Club Sites you can do these at.

Using their imagination to construct dens, the freedom to have an adventure climbing trees and making rope swings; to build impressive sandcastles, catch a fish or crab and go on a long family bike ride. You can relive your childhood through your children’s eyes and experience the same sense of adventure camping with the kids brings. And what’s more, all of these simple pleasures have little or no cost but will give you a lifetime of priceless memories.

Plus, you can print off the Activity Treasure Hunt and see how many natural treasures your children can find on and around our campsites.

Den building

Den buildingLearn about the natural world around you at the same time as building a secret den. Using the natural material around without cutting anything down, or causing any damage your children will have hours of enjoyment.

These campsites are the ideal location for building your den:

Off the ground tig

Have fun with new camping friends by playing off the ground tig. The game involves one or more players chasing other players in an attempt to tig or touch them with their hand when they are off the ground. If caught, then they are the next person to chase the others.

These campsites are perfect for playing off the ground tig:

Making sandcastles and rockpooling

RockpoolingTake the bucket and spades down to the beach and make the most impressive castle you can. Decorate with seashells and pebbles and don’t forget to have a moat around your castle.

Take your fishing net and when the tide is out go rock pooling. Stand quietly whilst discovering the many fish, molluscs and plants that live in the sea but remember do not touch as they can sting, bite or pinch.

Be by the beach at these campsites, the best setting for rockpooling and making sandcastles:

Catching a fish or a crab

All that is needed is a fishing net or a piece of string, bait and a weight (heavy enough to keep the bait of the bottom). Dip the net slowly or drop the line into the sea. Wrap a little of the line loosely around your hand and wait until you feel the crab pulling or fish is caught. Again, remember crabs can pinch, so hold by the shell and handle with care.

Take a camping trip to a prime spot for catching a fish:

Riding a bike

Riding a bikeThe whole family will enjoy going on an adventurous cycle ride. Riding your bike is a great way to see the beautiful countryside as well as getting active by burning off all that excess energy. All of our Club Sites have information on the nearby cycle routes and trails for you to make the most of your time away.

Ride your bike around these campsites: