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festival capital

History, culture, lively events and attractions make Scotland’s capital a feast for the senses, writes JOHN TRAYNOR

Edinburgh: festival capital

By JOHN TRAYNOR. Image credits: Paul Tomkins/VisitScotland/Scottish Viewpoint
Posted on 01 August 2014

 One of the UK’s most exciting and interesting cities, Edinburgh has a unique character and appeal created by centuries of rich history. Known variously as the ‘Athens of the North’ (courtesy of its neo-classical buildings and the formidable intellectuals of the Scottish Enlightenment), ‘Auld Reekie’, ‘the Windy City’ and surrounded by seven hills like Rome, it has stature and a sturdy independence of spirit. Alongside and woven through its very fabric are the many aspects of culture, character and leisure that have created a truly cosmopolitan city.

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