Video shoot 1

Video shoot 1

One thing I’d love to be able to do more of on shoots, are behind the scenes videos. Unfortunately as we’re typically a fairly small team when we’re out and about, behind the scenes footage is a rare bonus.

We have though, managed to accumulate a few photos here and there, offering a peak behind the curtain. So I thought over the coming months I’d offer you a few blog posts detailing some of my favorite shoots from the last year.

So in no particular order my first choice is, drumroll…

Don’t mention the weather – With John Kettley.

Video-Pic-3Myself, PR Executive Kimberley Keay, Club Reporter Mark Round and Photographer Alisdair Cusick descended upon the very picturesque Woodall Spa Club site for this shoot. We set up our kit just in time for the arrival of Television weatherman, John Kettley himself. Having only one day to get all of our footage and photography in the can, we wasted no time and got straight to it.

John Kettley, who was an absolute pleasure to work with, had great chemistry with Mark, who was there to interview John, and provide the off screen voice of the increasingly aggravated director. They both provided some great adlibbed moments and performed their respective roles brilliantly.

Video-Pic-2No shoot is without it’s problems and this one had a couple of tricky obstacles to work around. Early on we had to contest with nearby RAF Coningsby who were seemingly trying to reenact scenes from Top Gun that day, it only lasted about 45 minutes though and we managed to grab some shots between take offs. Throughout the later part of the shoot we had storm clouds lingering on the horizon, threatening to move over and rain us off. But luckily we had one of the best weathermen television has ever seen on location with us. We were constantly reassured by John that storm front would hold off long enough. And wouldn’t you just know it, literally as we packed the last bit of kit back into the car, BOOM! The thunder sounded with a resounding crash and the heavens opened as we made our way back to HQ.