Meet Molly and Ted, two border terriers with a love of campsites and travelling around the UK. This month, site-savvy Molly offers terrier tips for great places to stay from a four-legged friend’s point of view and shares some of her holiday capers

Hello! Are you planning your summer holidays yet? If your touring party is anything like ours, we canine campers come top of the list of considerations. We all enjoy the beach, so that’s one thing we never argue about.

The servants (the chauffeur and the maid that is) always make sure our needs are catered for before they pack everything into their ’van.

The most important thing when checking sites is whether dogs are welcome. That comes before any other factor – distance, location, price (well, the chauffeur is a Yorkshireman, so price is key) but my big brother Ted and I always get the first (and last) word where sites are concerned.

Ted has taught me almost everything I know about wrapping the servants around our little paws. That cute cocking of the head to one side, the delicate whine that communicates so much, the gentle flumping down by their side on the settee at the end of a busy day, resting our heads on their knee to say: “We love you”. And, more importantly: “What's for tea?”

I love Fud. Fud is amazing, whether it’s pet trim from the butcher’s market stall or some delicious meaty morsels in tasty gravy from the supermarket, I devour it all. And Ted’s, too, if I get the chance.

Molly and Ted in St Ives

Molly and Ted in St Ives

Camping sure gives me a healthy appetite. I didn't know what a Cornish pasty was until we went to St Ives last year, when I decided I wanted to live in Cornwall. Not for the tiny winding streets of St Ives, the beautiful beaches and azure sea – not even for that fresh salty air.
No, my nose was permanently pressed against bakery windows, savouring the delights within.

Mind you, I wasn’t the only one. The maid, who seems to manage to escape cooking duties while on holiday – not that her repertoire extends much beyond egg and chips and pasta bake – is a dab hand with the microwave, which is pressed into service on site.
Even she was bewitched by the pasties, but due to having a sweet tooth she opted for the rhubarb and custard filling.

Ted wouldn’t have any, he’s watching his weight. When offered a tiny morsel of pastry, he sniffed it, turned away and allowed it to drop to the floor. This makes no sense to me, as anything that falls to the floor, as far as I’m concerned, is fair game.

We stayed at a lovely site, a short-ish walk from the centre of St Ives, where the maid was agog at the toilets, which she claimed resembled a five-star hotel – marble pillars, music playing, spacious and warm and welcoming. A little patch of grass will do me. Ted, on the other hand, enjoys watering as many lamp posts as he can. You may laugh, but these are important considerations for us tiny terriers!

The maid sometimes recalls how, when she was a child, her own father had bathed the family Jack Russell terrier, as they were then known, before embarking (get it?) on a holiday in Skegness. The first thing this dog did when it ran on the beach was to roll in donkey doings, which made her laugh but annoyed her father, who had to take the stinking cur, covered in muck and sand, back to the holiday apartment for a jolly good bath.

In keeping with the family tradition, I decided to go one better on a holiday to a touring park near Weymouth and rolled on the remains of a dead badger that had met an unfortunate end o

Molly and Ted

Ted and Molly

n the semi-rural road to this secluded site. Ted, of course, would never dream of doing such a thing. He has far more decorum than me, and I expect you can tell from our photo that he is a little more sedate.

Amazingly, on our next visit to the same site, we were walking along the road at dusk when a badger pottered across the road before disappearing into a grass verge and then woodland. I saw it only fleetingly... but it was a badger, it really was!

That’s it from me for now but I’ll update you soon on our own holiday plans and my favourite Club Site – so far. But of course there are many more to try. Let me know if you’ve found any lovely sites that I can sniff out. Ted WILL be impressed!